Program Functionality

Delivering Convenience and Support

Making it easier for students to succeed is a goal of every learning institution. Follett ACCESS delivers significant convenience and accessibility for students — all while making it easy for institutions to implement the program and enjoy more successful outcomes.

Program Functionality

Program Steps

Working in close partnership with institutions and publishers, Follett manages the entire Follett ACCESS program process — from start to finish — with fulfillment that speaks for itself.


Student Journey


Institution Journey

Marketing Support

Your institution can utilize the Follett ACCESS program as a powerful differentiator in acceptance letters to prospective students. In addition to increasing faculty engagement, we provide orientation marketing support to promote the program and level-set student expectations and their engagement as well.

We even offer a promotional campaign for your campus store to highlight additional needs for the personal and academic journey and show how Follett ACCESS makes a true difference.

Operational Excellence

When it comes to delivering positive outcomes and operational excellence, the results of Follett ACCESS speak for themselves:

  • Follett ACCESS is currently on 325+ campuses
  • Follett ACCESS spans 1,800+ terms
  • Follett ACCESS goes to over 1.2 million students
  • Follett ACCESS uses 33,000 course materials
  • Follett ACCESS partners with 6,000 publishers