Affordability and Outcomes

Maximizing Value and Results

Follett ACCESS is the perfect union of publishers, schools, faculty and Follett — coming together to improve access to course materials, enhance engagement and learning outcomes, help make course materials more affordable and ultimately foster better student outcomes.

While students can save up to 80 percent on course materials, faculty members enjoy the freedom to choose from hundreds of thousands of titles and more than 6,000 publishers to best fit their needs. It’s no wonder why over 325 institutions across the nation are using Follett ACCESS to see a positive impact on recruitment, class retention, graduation rates and academic performance measures.


Proof of Savings

Institutions that implement the Follett ACCESS program gather data to evaluate the effectiveness of lowering costs. Results show that the bulk purchasing power of the program enables significant savings to be passed on to students.


Follett ACCESS in Florida

For the Fall 2017–Spring 2018 academic year at the University of Florida, the All Access program saved students $7.6 million compared to the cost for the same book and code package or new book purchases.

Source: University of Florida report on UF All Access program, September 2018.


Follett ACCESS in Tennessee

A community college in Tennessee saved more than $600,000 in total course material costs in 2016.

Source: Results provided by a partner community college in Tennessee, June 2017.


Better Grades, Increased Outcomes

Having access to course materials is an essential component for better academic outcomes. As the rate of withdrawals from classes drops, it is more likely that, over time, graduation and retention rates will show a corresponding uptick as students complete courses and perform better as measured by improved grades. Follett ACCESS provides access to the materials needed to facilitate an environment that fosters more preparedness for ALL students.  

Affordability Infographic