Student, Faculty and Institution Outcomes

Empowering Access for Everyone

Follett ACCESS is the perfect union of publishers, institutions, faculty and Follett — coming together to improve access to course materials, enhance engagement and learning outcomes, help make course materials more affordable and ultimately foster better student outcomes.



  • Save significantly on course materials — up to 80 percent
  • Reduce stress during the purchasing process and easily access, manage and use all course materials regardless of format or cost
  • Engage and learn on the first day of class by having access to all required course materials — regardless of background or financial status


  • Enjoy the academic freedom to choose the content provider, edition and medium that best fit the class curriculum
  • Know that everyone in class will have the same edition on day one — allowing instruction to start right away and alleviate the need to teach with “lowest common denominator” content
  • Let Follett troubleshoot and provide instructions for accessing materials and stop serving as “tech support” for digital course materials
  • Support higher academic performance for all with a level playing field


  • Gain a competitive advantage by increasing recruitment, retention and, ultimately, graduation rates
  • Improve academic performance and help students complete their studies instead of deferring classes due to course material costs and access issues
  • Directly address the cost and complexity of obtaining course materials
  • Leverage existing systems to provide a robust learning experience for students

Publishing Power

Follett partners with publishers to streamline and facilitate the delivery of course materials in the preferred format — on or before the first day of class. We do this by working directly with publishers on contracts, payments and fulfillment to remove a significant amount of aggravation and workload from the institution and procurement process.

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